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Nagios NRPE_NT configuration with MSSQL$…service

I don’t know if you know Nagios but it is a quite nice (yet tricky) monitoring solution for you IT infrastructure. With this open-source solution, you can monitor daemons and services, nics, CPU load, memory use, disk usage, etc. for your Linux and Windows systems. 

I came recently across a problem when adding a SQLServer service to my nrpe.cfg config file using the NRPE_NT client. For the background, some software like McAfee Epolicy Orchestrator, BrigthStore Arcserver installed themselves with a limited version of SQLServer. The point is the SQLServer service (name of the service) is listed in the registry something like this MSSQL$<name of your application> (ex: MSSQL$EPOSERVER).

If you try to just copy/paste that name in your nrpe config file, Nagios will says something like:

MSSQL$EPOSERVER$ : Service unknown

As you can see, it add a $ sign at the end.

To correctly monitor this service in Nagios (when your use NRPE_NT), configure your nrpe.conf file like this:

  • # Epolicy Orchestrator MSSQL Service
    command[check_epomssqlservice]=c:\nagios\nt_plugins\check_nt -H localhost -v SERVICESTATE -l MSSQL”$$”EPOSERVER

Note the “$$” (double quote, dollar sign, dollar sign, double quote) between MSSQL and the name your application/software.


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  1. […] I kept searching just that little longer I wouldn’t have had to ask. This web page has the answer. MSSQL"$$"TOLLCONNECT works a treat. Not the most intuitive […]

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