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Error occurred while downloading file SiteStat.xml

When you use McAfee Epolicy Orchestrator and have deployed CMA (Common Framework Agent) AKA McAfee agent or Epo Agent, you can receive this error message when you try to update the agent and when it contact the EPO server:

Le log are located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\Db\Agent_<server_name>.log:

Error occurred while downloading file SiteStat.xml
Error downloading file \SiteStat.xml, naInet GetLastError() = 0

In my case I was able to resolve this issue because Epo Server or the CMA installation is confused about what IP address to use. On my Epo Server, I have two NICs, one is for the backup network and the other one the normal LAN access.

I have created the Framework package called FramePkg.exe and installed it manually on some servers. The server then reported them as non compliants and each CMA failed to retreive the SiteStat.xml file from the Epo server.

I had to modify the following files on each problematic server located at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework:

  • SiteMapList.xml
  • SiteList.xml
  • ServerSiteList.xml
  • Stop the McAfee Common Framework service
  • Go the the folder indiacted above
  • Locate for each files indicated above the IP address, check and modify if needed the false IP address of the EPO server and replace it with the good one.
  • Restart the service

Of course, you will have to do this at the server level also. On the EPO server, there are some files you could edit and change the ip address:

  • In C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator, open SiteInfo.ini and modify the value for LastKnownIP (LastKnownIP=<ip address>)
  •  In C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator, open server.ini and add at the end of the [SERVER] section the value ServerIPAddress=<ip address>
  • Restart the EPO services and you should be ok.

After that, if you starts an update session, all should be correct this time.


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