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bash and time calculation

I could be fun to have a little time calculation when executing a script within a crontab job, so here is a small one:

#!/bin/ksh# At script beginning, get day of month.
BDAY=$(date +%e)
# Get time in seconds.
((BTIME=($(date +%H)*3600)+($(date +%M)*60)+$(date +%S)))

# script

# At script end, get the end day of month.
EDAY=$(date +%e)
# Add 24hrs in seconds, if days don't match.
# It assumes run time is not over 48 hours.
[[ $BDAY == $EDAY ]] && DAY=0 || DAY=86400
# Get the end time in seconds.
((ETIME=$DAY+($(date +%H)*3600)+($(date +%M)*60)+$(date +%S)))

# Calculate and print the time elapsed.
print "Elasped Time: \c"
((HOURS=TOTAL / 3600))
((TOTAL=TOTAL - (HOURS*3600)))
print "$HOURS hours, $((TOTAL / 60)) minutes, $((TOTAL % 60)) seconds."

Ref : link


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