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Recover your Grub boot loader

On my system I have Vista, OpenSuse 10.3 and XP installed. I have recently lost my grub boot loader and because of a bug in the last OpenSuse 10.3 repair option in Yast, I could not repair my system anymore using the DVD or the LiveCD.

I will try a new tool called Super Grub Disk and see if it can recover my Grub bootloader. I will update this post with the result. Of course, if you have some tips and tricks that you want to share with others, feel free to post some comments.

Super Grub Disk


Well, the repair process was a real success and I was able to recover by grub menu in few simple steps! I highly recommend this tool and put it in your Linux Swiss army’s toolkit.

Just download the ISO file from the web site and burn it on a CD or you can even put it on an USB key. There is an img file also for those who want to use a floppy.

For the documentation, just check their web site, the process is really simple:

  • Boot the CD
  • Select in the boot menu the default option
  • Select your language
  • A few key press (some informations about Grub, the use of the tool and some warnings about the fact that Super Grub Disk is not perfect).
  • Select the OS,  ‘Gnu/Linux’
  • Choose the option to repair depending how your knowledge. I have selected ‘Fix Boot of Gnu/Linux’
  • Select your Linux partition
  • The system will then perform some checks and will try to repair the Gub boot loader
  • Reboot and check if your Grub is back.

Really a life saver. Maybe this tool could not resolve all the problems that you can have with Grub and your boot loaders but it’s the kind of tool that you should remember the name if you have this kind of problem in the future.

Please also check this post for simple guide to recover your OS boot with various scenario.


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