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Checking OS version on Linux or Unix

I work right now on a bash script utility and I have tried to find a way to check what is my system. The goal of the script is to runs some commands and can be run on RedHat, Suse Linux and Solaris.

I have use this code :

for base in `ls /etc/*release*` ; do
    if [ -f “$base” ]; then
z=$(cat $s | tr [a-z] [A-Z])
id=${z// /}
for critere in $cri; do
    rd=`expr match “$id” “$critere”`
  if [ ! “$rd” -eq 0 ]; then

Assuming that you have a release file in /etc then it should works.

If you are going to ask me why I do not use a findfunction to retrieve all the files in /etc it is because the version of findin Linux and Solaris does not have the same parameters and I can’t use the-maxdeph 1 method to search only in /etc.

So I ended up using an ls function and then test is the result is really a file or not (I do no manage folders and symbolic links). If it is then I can proceed some checks.

Maybe not the best code to know what can of the system the script in running onto but well, it works. But feel free to comment!


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