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Managing Compiz Fusion in OpenSuse 10.3

I like this distribution because this is the one I have started to learn Linux.

Those days, the beta 3 has been released but still I found frustrating the complex way you have to go to simply enable Compiz and set its options.

Enabling compiz is not so difficult, even if I think that there could be an icon somewhere in the control panel, but where are the options and how can you configure them?

Well, I have found an article that explain how to do this and use the ccsm which is the CompizFusion control panel. I have not yet tested it but you can find some infos here :


I will post an update on this as soon as I have tested it.


Well, the one click install system work well (as soo as you download the file on your system and then execute it) and I have then access to the ccsm utility.

But because I have an ATI 9800 Pro video card, I can’t get the 3D acceleration works on my system and the fglrx driver version 8.40.4 does not install well on beta 2. So no XGL for now.

I will wait for the latest ATI drivers (the 8.41.x I think) that should be released in the coming weeks to retest this utility.


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